Consulting session with a Professional Market Analyst + Intermediate Trading E-book

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Consulting sessions with a Professional Market Analyst

The Standard course presents those, who already got the basics of down, the more complicated aspects of trading.

What will you learn?

Candlestick – A guide to understanding and applying one of the well-known and widely used charting tools in trading.
Charts – Have a better grasp of market data provided by charts by identifying and interpreting crucial graphical analysis patterns.
Fibonacci Trading – Define and explore effective trading techniques that incorporate Fibonacci levels.
Technical Tools & Indicators – Know and learn how to properly use some of the effective technical tools and indicators.
Trading Styles – Find out which best suits you. Explore various trading styles employed by market participants in today’s markets.
MetaTrader  – This topic will be breaking down one of the most popular trading platforms among market participants around the world.
Derivatives – Get to know about derivatives and their significance in trading. Identify common derivatives as well, such as Futures, Options, CFDS, and more.

E-Book (Advanced Level)

Explore the investing space further with our Advanced trading eBook.

  • Spotting trends
  • Using risk management rules
  • Formulating effective strategies
  • Importance of analyzing and utilizing candlestick patterns

Market Updates

The course will also discuss the significance of market updates and how they can influence traders’ decision-making.

Education Materials

The Standard package got the resources necessary to further expand your studies.

  • Live instructional classes
  • Trading strategies
  • Advanced charting software
  • E-books
  • Exams
  • News articles and insights
  • Daily market signals

Live trading demonstrations will be shown at the end of the program.

Video Lessons

Please note that this part of the course largely targets students who already have some understanding of financial trading, but still interested in finding out more about the industry.

We keep records of every live webinars to allow participants catch up on their lessons, in case of missed live sessions.

Daily Signals

Students will also be given access to daily market signals to help them put their trading knowledge into practice.

Advanced Charting Software