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Our Educational Library covers a broad range of topics from the fundamentals to more advanced and specialized modules. By connecting with your Personal Mentor, you will benefit from years of professional experience while getting to use your skills under their guidance.


About the course

What will you learn?

Introduction to  Financial Markets – Get to know global markets and how a trade works. This topic also covers subjects, like order types, hedging, and rollovers.
Trading Terminologies – For this lesson, you will be introduced to some of the common trading terminologies that you might encounter once you have ventured into the industry.
Basics on Different Trading Instruments – Find out the different types of markets you can trade.
Online Trading  This course has the basics covered as well as a beginner’s guide to online trading.

This program also explores the basic concept of trading psychology, charting, common errors committed by traders, and more.

E-Book (Beginner Level)

This beginner’s guide eBook takes clients’ market studies beyond the video lessons.

  • How markets operate on a daily basis
  • The ABCs of a bull and bear market
  • What you need to know about pips
  • How expert traders manage risk and rewards


Education Materials

Silver course students will have access to the education materials listed below.

  • Live instructional classes
  • E-books
  • Exams
  • News articles and insights

Live trading examples will be presented to the participants by the end of the course.


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