The Basic course package covers fundamental topics that would help students get familiar with the financial markets.



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About the course

What will you learn?

Introduction to  Financial Markets – Get to know global markets and how a trade works. This topic also covers subjects, like order types, hedging, and rollovers.
Trading Terminologies – For this lesson, you will be introduced to some of the common trading terminologies that you might encounter once you have ventured into the industry.
Basics on Different Trading Instruments – Find out the different types of markets you can trade.
Online Trading  This course has the basics covered as well as a beginner’s guide to online trading.

This program also explores the basic concept of trading psychology, charting, common errors committed by traders, and more.

E-Book (Beginner Level)

This beginner’s guide eBook takes clients’ market studies beyond the video lessons.

  • How markets operate on a daily basis
  • The ABCs of a bull and bear market
  • What you need to know about pips
  • How expert traders manage risk and rewards


Education Materials

Basic course students will have access to the education materials listed below.

  • Live instructional classes
  • E-books
  • Exams
  • News articles and insights

Live trading examples will be presented to the participants by the end of the course.